Wednesday 6 August 2014

Retractable Bolcony Enclosure in a High Rise in Bangalore

Megavent Technologies Pvt Ltd, a Bangalore based company, deals with Retractable/Openable Roofs. These roofs are made using high quality polycarbonate and aluminum and are imported from Czech Republic.

A family which lives in the top floor of a high rise apartment in Bangalore contacted Megavent to see if they can do something to stop the heavy winds which prevent them to open the balcony.  Megavent designed a retractable enclosure for the balcony and installed it successfully.

Retractable Enclosure In Bangalore

Retractable Balcony Enclosure

Retractable Roofs CustomizedA High Rise Balcony with Retractable Enclosure

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  1. Polycarbonate is able to withstand heavy blows or falling objects without cracking or damage, unlike glass that is much more brittle.
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