Saturday, 14 June 2014

Sarkarodi Pogaru

Why Telengana Got Separated - A Bangalore Telugu Person's Opinion

Who are Bangalore Telugu People:
These are native of Bangalore whose ancestors migrated to Bangalore either from border districts of Karnataka like Kolar, Bellary or from border districts Tamil Nadu like Vellore. Though their mother tongue is Telugu, they never had any direct connection with Andra Pradesh apart from going to Tirupati on a regular basis. The Telugu language these people speak is heavily influenced by either by Kannada or Tamil or both. Apart from speaking Kanndaish-Telugu or Tamilish Telugu in their homes, these people are fluent in Kannada and Tamil.

Till recently these people were happy with whatever Telugu they know and speak. But since Bangalore developed into a silicon city, hoards of Telugu speaking people from Andhra Pradesh starting pouring into Bangalore. These people cannot speak proper English and do not know Kannada. Whenever Bangalore Telugu people tried to speak to them in Telugu, they got ridiculed by these morons from Andhra. After all these years of development, no Bangalore Telugite would like to speak in Telugu with his or her Andhra colleagues.

These morons from Andhra do not understand
* That we have no connection with Andhra.
* That we never studied Telugu.
* That as Karnataka or Tamil Nadu is our native, our language is heavily influenced by one or both of these languages.
* That unlike them we speak two more South Indian languages fluently.
* That we speak better English than most of them who can just manage what we call Telugish. (These morons cannot pronounce the work "music" properly and do not know the difference between the words action and acting (even the moron called RK of ABN do not know the difference watch his interview with Charmi.)
* Worst most of these morons cannot even manage to speak a single word in Hindi.

When ridiculed for our Telugu, at least we can switch over to Kannada or English, just imagine how the Telangana people would have felt all these years.

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